free flipper!

Det finns inga bevis för att någon späckhuggare som lever 
i frihet någonsin har dödat en människa, däremot har fyra 
personer dödats av späckhuggare som lever i fångenskap...

Några kommentarer på klippet ovan:

Teresa: Yes so we need to leave animals alone. Let them be. Don't put them in unnatural settings. Don't cage tigers, don't put whales in tanks, get rid of zoos and circuses. 

Monique: Free them! 

Gina: Orcas belong in the ocean and nowhere else. And I really hate it when people call them "killer whales"! These beautiful and intelligent creatures aren't ours to keep in small pools, for us to gape at and stare at like some monstrosity. Like elephants don't belong in the circus, whales don't belong in aquariums!!! 

KE: Set them free. They are not our pet. They should be in the wild. Humans are the real monsters. 

Tatiana: FREE THEM !!!!!!!!!!! 

Briana: Poor orcas. It really upsets me that they are allowed to keep them there. They aren't pets. Its awful! 

Nancy: Let them go it is not far to them to make them go crazy and then kill some one .NOT THEIR FAULT... 

Doris: Just sick to capture these wild animals for human entertainment!!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE 

Karen: Leave the animal where it belongs.  How would you feel being captured and put behind bars? 

Gerry: You would get a bit crazy after being confined to your bath tub for your life and then to b bombarded with loud, dreadful music and flashing lights.

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